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Building a house in Madeira

Are you thinking of building a house either as a holiday home, or indeed retiring to Madeira?


madeira-579993_1920Maybe you have visited Madeira on holiday and always dreamt of building your own house on this fabulous island with its wonderful climate.

Combining the natural beauty of the landscape with excellent cuisine and fine wines, why wouldn’t you?

If any of the above applies to you, maybe you would like to speak to someone that has already experienced this process?

We searched for a building company that was local to Madeira, had a good reputation and all the necessary qualities to make our vision a reality. It was important for us to find a building company that we could trust, had been established for a long time, was fully insured and conformed to all the legal requirements. The building company we used have a long standing reputation in the building trade and continue to build houses to a very high standard.

If you would like to ask us any questions about our experience of finding a reputable builder for our house in Madeira and the process we took, why not drop us a line we would be happy to help?

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